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Alegrías – Progressive studies for Flamenco Guitar – Mehdi Mohagheghi


  • USD: 21,8$

  • Video & Score Book
  • Progressive ALEGRIAS studies for Flamenco Guitar.
  • Spanish and English
  • Product in STREAMING (+INFO)

Multiple audio options for practicing.


Language: Spanish, English

Alegrías  studies for flamenco guitar, suitable for all levels. Measures and falsetas (variations) are gradually studied, reaching the right level to play falsetas of famous flamenco guitarists.

Once you dominate all the studies, you will be able to play your own pieces mixing different falsetas studied in this DVD.

/// Score sample ///


Alegrías in A
The first 6 beats, Beats 7-12, Beats 1-12, variation of Remate,  compas with Arpegios and Rasgueos,  compas using Alzapua, compas with syncopation,  compases using Picados called Cierre (a phrase which leads to Remate), compas using Syncopation and Alzapua, a traditional Falseta by Sabicas, a Falseta useful for Arpegios , Picados and Ligados, Falseta using Syncopation,  complete compas which can be used to the end of Alegrías

Alegrías in C
Beats 1-6, One complete compas, a complete compas using Arpegios, variation of Remates,  complete compas using Arpegios and Remate, variation of a complete compas,  example with three complete compases, Falseta for Alegria in C,  famous Flaseta in C, One complete compas suitable for Ending

Alegrías in E
Beats 1-6, Beats 7-12, complete compas, An example with three complete compases, Beats 10-12 called Remate , are using for ending of each compas, variation of Remates, A complete compas using 5-stroke Rasgueos, An example using syncopation, A complete compas using Arpegios and Ligados, One complete compas using Arpegios, A Falseta using tremolo by Paco Peña, A modern Falseta using more complicated syncopation, A modern Falseta which has started before beat 1, A complete compas which can be used for ending

Alegrías in Em
Beats 10-12 called Remate, variation of Remates, A complete compas using Arpegios and Picados, A complete compas using 5-stroke Rasgueos, An example using more complicated Arpegios, A traditional Falseta, A Falseta using tremolo by Paco Peña, A Falseta , useful for both hands of a guitarist using Arpegios-Picados and Bare by Paco Peña


Video and score displayed on the same screen, options:

  • Video at full screen
  • Scores at full screen
  • Independently video and score resize
  • Floating and scalable video over the score

Video/audio sync with sheet music options:

  • Video/audio synchronized with the scores: As the video progresses, the scores advance automatically. The videos move the score, and also the scores move the video
  • Manual mode, video/audio, and sheet music work independently. Manual scores stepping with the mouse, keyboard, or foot pedal, independent of video/audio. To facilitate study at the user level
  • Several video and audio options for the same score
  • Loop option for a segment of the video/audio

Playback speed options:

  • Possibility of changing the playback speed of each video/audio tracks to facilitate study (0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x) and independently

** Adapts to any device, PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Smart TV



PURCHASE and DELIVERY of the product in physical format at



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