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Flamenco Guitar in 48 lessons – 4 Volumes Collection by José Manuel Montoya


  • USD: 27.5$

  • USD: 27.5$
  • USD: 27.5$
  • USD: 27.5$
  • USD: 27.5$


Progressive Flamenco Guitar course in 48 lessons for all levels including those who have no notion of the guitar or musical theory yet. The methodology that is being used is the same as that used by Jose Manuel Montoya teacher in his private classes. The basic techniques that are being studied are applied from the beginning to the most attractive flamenco forms “palos”: Tangos, Soleá, Bulerías, and Fandango de Huelva, making the study more enjoyable.

The learning methodology is designed to study one lesson per week, and practice half an hour daily at the beginning of the course and from the third month, one hour a day. Jose Manuel Montoya leads to apply this same course for years, and it is GUARANTEED that by the end of this course, students will reach the level of Flamenco Guitar as shown in the following audios, plus a full mastery of the technique.

Collection content:

Volume 1:
– Guitar parts, tuning, string change, body positioning
Lessons 1-12
– Explanations as well as exercises for thumb, thumb, and index, alzapúa, and left-hand techniques/ rasgueados and tangos rhythm (palmas)
– Melodic patterns for Tangos that include thumb and index, alzapúa and rasgueados.

Volume 2:
Lessons 13 – 25
– Explanation of picao technique/ explanations and palmas exercices for the Soleá, F. de Huelva, Bulería

– Rasgueados for Soleá, Bulerías, F. de Huelva /melodic patterns of Tangos, Soleá y F. de Huelva (thumb)

Volume 3:
Lessons 26 – 37
– Explanations and exercices for arpeggio technique/ major scales (picao)
– Melodic patterns for buleria (thumb)
– Bulerias (alzapúa)
– Tangos (picado and left-hand stretches)
– Soleá (picado) and F. de Huelva (picado)

Volume 4:
Lessons 38 – 48
– Explanations and exercises of trémolo technique
– Melodic patterns for bulería (picado)
– Bulerías (arpeggios and alzapúa), Soleá (arpeggio and picado), Tangos (arpeggio and picado), F. de Huelva (arpeggio) and Soleá (tremolo)
– 4 complete “palos”: Bulerías, Soleá, Tangos and F. de Huelva.


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