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Flamenco Guitar Technique – Fandangos y Tangos (Vol. 4) – Oscar Herrero & Claude Worms


  • USD: 61,4$

  • Flamenco Guitar Method for initiation and advanced levels.
  • This volume 5, is fully dedicated to the SOLEÁ and SIGUIRIYA
  • Includes falsetas of the great Maestros and Oscar Herrero
  • In standard notation and tablature by Claude Worms & Oscar Herrero
  • It is accompanied with 63 audio tracks
  • Product in STREAMING  (+INFO)



Method for initiation and advanced levels.
All scores are in Tablature and standard notation.
Languages: Spanish, English, and French.
It is accompanied by 80 audio tracks

This Volume 4 is fully dedicated to the Verdiales, Fandangos de Huelva, Fandangos Naturales, Tangos, Tanguillos and Tientos 


Section I : Los Verdiales

The typical harmonic cycle of the verdiales and fandangos in general
The rythmic compás of the verdiales
Falsetas: Ramón Montoya, Paco de Lucía, Gerardo Nñuñez

Sección II : Fandangos de Huelva and Fandangos “naturales”

Fandangos de Huelva
The harmonic cycle and rhytmic compás
Basic compás
Palmas exercises
Rhythm exercises in rasgueados
Cante acopaniment: the medio compás and the harmonic cycle of the compás

Fandango naturales
Cierres and remates
Structure and rhythm of the falsetas

Falsetas of the master tocaores
Ramón Montoya

8 Falsetas by Oscar Herrero

Sección III : Tanguillos, Tientos and Tangos

The difference today between Tientos and Tangos

Basic Rules
Beats and rhythmic accents
Position of the chords in the rhythmic compás
Palmas exercises
Compás with rasgueados
The structure of the falsetas
Placing of the falsetas in the compás framework

Falsetas “Cliché”
Falsetas in a fixed A7 position
Llamadas with a half-barré on the third fret
Llamadas over the Andalusian cadence
Falsetas en picado

8 Falsetas by Oscar Herrero

Sección IV: Flamenco metronome

Basic rhythm for Fandangos 160 bpm
Basic rhythm for Fandangos 120 bpm
Basic rhythm for Tango 160 bpm
Basic rhythm for Tango 130 bpm


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