General conditions & Terms of Use



These conditions will apply to customers and users (hereinafter “user” or “users”) who subscribe to the STREAMING services on the platform (RGB Arte Visual SL as the owner of the brand, who will have access to the contents and services contracted through the internet from the user’s devices.


Services are those that allow users to access the content acquired from the user’s devices through the Internet.

Services Considerations:

 a) The user, when acquiring a Title from the STREAMING portal, is acquiring the service of view that content for 2 years. Once this period is over, the user may annually renew the service with the following rates that derive from the management, storage, and transfer of data from the servers used by the Streaming portal.

  – For all Titles that contain “Video”, the rate is 10%  of the sales price.

 – For the rest of the products that do not contain video such as Books and Books with audio, the rate is 5% of the sales price.

– The user may have the option of a single annual payment of € 30,  to continue viewing all the purchased Titles. Thus, the maximum annual payment is guaranteed for € 30.

The platform will inform the user, via email, when a purchased Title has gone from being active to expired.

 The user can access the Streaming services of with a maximum of 1 device simultaneously.

 b) Users may not use the service for illegal and/or fraudulent purposes or effects, and/or contrary to what is established in these conditions, or for purposes that are harmful to the rights and/or interests of third parties or that, in any way, may damage the services offered by the platform or prevent their normal use by other users, or may damage their image.

 c) Users agree not to file, reproduce, distribute, modify, display, execute, publish, license, or create derivative works, not sell, and not to use content or any information contained in the Streaming services of platform.

They also agree not to take any action aimed at eliminating, altering, deactivating, lowering, or preventing any of the content protections of the services; and not use any robot or other automatic means to access the Streaming services, do not decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble any computer program or other products or processes accessible from the Streaming services of; do not enter any unauthorized code or manipulate the contents of the Streaming services.

In addition, users agree not to upload, publish, send by email or transmit by any other ways any material designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment associated with the streaming services of

Failure to comply with the provisions of these points will be cause for termination of the contract and/or restriction of the use of the Streaming services of
In addition, said actions and crimes will be elevated to the ordinary Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

Access to services.

Access to the Streaming services of will be made through the Internet access provider selected by the user. Therefore, the user will be responsible for the charges for the Internet connection through which they will access the Streaming service of at all times. The download speed of the services included in it may vary depending on the device through which the user accesses, as well as the available bandwidth and/or the speed of the user’s internet connection, as well as the location of the same and the configuration of the access device. The user must bear in mind that, when using an Internet connection through a mobile data network, data consumption may be high.

RGB Arte Visual S.L. ( will not be responsible for a temporary interruption in the user’s mobile telephone service or internet access that prevents him from accessing the contracted service. The user accepts that he may require the use of third party software subject to their licenses.



The streaming service of will be interrupted for the causes established in the applicable regulations and those of the following:

  • Due to serious breach by the user of the obligations derived from these conditions, as well as due to use of the Streaming services of contrary to the applicable regulations, good faith or commonly accepted practices as correct use in the services.
  • Due to illicit, irregular, or improper use of the services, which entails the use of the condition of user of the same to carry out a business, professional or economic activity whose object is the transfer or resale of the services.
  • For reselling or distributing the service to third parties without the express authorization of Streaming de
  • When the two years of service have ended and the user does not wish to extend the annual periods of the service, either by paying the annual fee for use and maintenance of the individual service per product, or with the service maintenance fee for all products that the user has in his library.

Any violation of these conditions, which entails the interruption of the contracted service will give rise to the legally established responsibilities, all of which, RGB Arte Visual SL ( reserves the right to take the legal actions that are appropriate to claim damages and losses caused by such causes.


The user/client undertakes to comply with what is expressly agreed in these conditions, to make lawful use of the Streaming services of, in accordance with current regulations, public order, the principles of good faith, and to refrain from carrying out conducts that violate the rights of third parties.

The user will not be able to obtain an economic benefit for the use of the service other than that derived from these conditions, nor use their condition of user to carry out a business, professional or economic activity whose purpose is to resell the service provided by RGB Arte Visual SL ( or exploit the service for other purposes in any way.

Non-compliance or objective assessment, by RGB Arte Visual S.L. (, of the risk of non-compliance with the aforementioned obligations, will mean the automatic resolution of these conditions and service.

Any claim that the USER considers appropriate will be attended to as soon as possible, and can be made at the following contact addresses:
Postcard: RGB Arte Visual S.L. Antonio Salcés Street 1 – 28002-Madrid
Phone: 915100356
Online Dispute Resolution
In accordance with Art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013, the European Commission provides a free access platform for the resolution of online conflicts between the USER and the PROVIDER, without the need to resort to the courts of justice, through the intervention of a third, called the dispute resolution body, which acts as an intermediary between the two. This body is neutral and will dialogue with both parties to reach an agreement, finally being able to suggest and / or impose a solution to the conflict. Link to the ODR platform:

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