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Flamenco´s Guitar Guide – David Leiva


  • USD: 15,2$

  • Guide with chords, wheels, diagrams, harmony diagrams, scales, tunings, etc.
  • Created by David Leiva
  • Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Japanese
  • Product in STREAMING.
The most complete Flamenco Guitar Guide in the market


Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Japanese
This guide contains all the clues to compose, Falsetas, chords, progressions, scales or to improvise in a quick and easy way. This guide is aimed at beginners and professional guitar players.
• More than 1.500 chords diagram with all the major and minor chords of eight different ways, from the C chord to the B chord including the accidental (C, C#, D,D#…) chords with the mayor and minor 7ths , major and minor 9ths, augmented, diminished, with 6th and 11th , inverted, and so on.
• More than 100 progressions or chord sequences in several keys or styles.
• Harmony, major and minor scales diagrams, and flamenco mode showing the primary scales and altered ones.
• Efficient schemes to compose chord progressions in all the styles.
• The compás and flamenco rhythm of the most typical styles.
• Improvisation of keys and main styles including chord progression of great hits such Paco de Lucia,s “Entre dos aguas” or Vicente Amigos´s “Tres notas para decir te quiero”
• Modern tunning which show the most contemporary flamenco
• Modal scales, minor and major pentatonic, major harmonic, major blues, and so on.
• Flamenco Clock (triple and quadruple time styles) and clock by fith (harmony of all the keys: major, minor, and flamenco mode), a graphic, simple and useful guide.

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