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Studies OP. 37,38, 39 & 40- Yago Santos

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Flamenco Guitar study to work on the mobility of the left hand through the study of symmetrical scales, patterns, 7b9 arpeggios and Maj7/13 and Maj7/#5 chords. This study is designed for intermediate and advanced level flamenco guitarists who want to expand their melodic vocabulary and knowledge of the fretboard.


Flamenco Guitar study to work on the middle arpeggio, the ascending arpeggio and the descending alternate thirds, as well as an add9 arpeggio in Ionian C. This study is eminently tonal and uses modal exchange as the main compositional tool.


Flamenco Guitar thumb-index study in which the different basses are worked with a constant melody on the first string of the guitar (prima). The modulating harmony adds interest to the study, allowing the player to move between different keys such as Phrygian C, Ionian C, E Ionian or E Aeolian among others. In addition to the technical part, the musical concepts that are presented must be carefully attended to.

Intervallic STUDY  OP. 40

The following guitar exercise is based on practicing alternative thirds in E Phrygian, E Phrygian Dominant, A Phrygian and A Phrygian dominant. The root of each scale is set both in the sixth and fifth string.


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