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Tangos – Videotutorial – Camerata Flamenco Project (CFP)


  • USD: 21,7$

  • Videotutorial dedicated to the Tangos
  • Original exercises and falsetas by Tangos for any instrument
  • Includes exercises with sheet music
  • Product in STREAMING   (+INFO) 

Tangos video tutorial for any instrument, aimed at any level of musician. The more musical knowledge you have the more you will get out of these video tutorials and for this reason, we have scores and advanced exercises in case you want to deepen the technique.


In the Tangos Videotutorial you will find exercises and original Tangos “falsetas” for any instrument, the concept of ensemble in Flamenco shows, history, curiosities, we talk about Manolo Sanlucar and analyze his falsetas, biographies of essential singers, harmonic concepts, progressions, curiosities, background, graphics, the “compás” (meter) related to the milonga, the Argentine tango, the second line, the Cuban clave, the Latin American footprint in Flamenco and much more.

CFP’s Flamenco Video tutorials are designed to bring the secrets of Flamenco to musicians and amateurs around the world through its most important “palos” (styles), such as Tangos, Bulerías, Soleá or Cantiñas.

All contents are in Spanish, and English subtitled.

We will go through each palo from different perspectives: history, rhythm, curiosities, harmony, exercises, “falsetas”… with exercises, scores, and complementary documentation.

These tutorials are aimed at any level of musician. The more musical knowledge you have the more you will get out of these video tutorials and for this reason, we have scores and advanced exercises in case you want to deepen the technique.

We also accompany each tutorial with videos and documentation that will give you all the info about the great flamenco masters from a deeper perspective thanks to a work of concepts, vocabulary, and references carefully selected.

The exercises are designed for any instrument and written in a clear and didactic way: piano, strings, winds, guitarists, etc… dancers, percussionists, and singers can also learn with these tutorials, even if they have no academic musical knowledge.

Even if you are not a musician, but you are interested in Flamenco, you can delve into its world to understand its history, codes, and legends and appreciate its richness.

In addition, we have collaborators who dive deep into different aspects of Flamenco: Canito, Jesús Torres, Salvador Gutiérrez and Diego de Bormujos will talk about guitar, Rafaela Carrasco about dancing, Miguel Ortega, Chelo Pantoja, Roberto Lorente, and Antonio Campos will talk about singing… among many other great artists and colleagues.


Camerata Flamenco Project (CFP)

For more than 20 years Camerata Flamenco Project has toured the world performing in the best Music Festivals, both Flamenco and Classical, Jazz, and World Music, in Rome, Grenoble, Tokyo, Singapore, Helsinki, New York, Lisbon, Porto, Dublin, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Jerez, and many other places. They have collaborated with artists such as Carmen Linares, Jorge Pardo, J.M. Cañizares, Rafaela Carrasco, Dima Slobodeniuk, the Avantii Symphony Orchestra of Finland, and countless artists from all disciplines, in a journey around art without borders, with contemporary Flamenco as the main flag.

As a result of their shows and recordings (bringing the Flamenco public closer to Jazz and classics such as Falla, Ravel or Debussy – and the general public to Flamenco), appear their Workshops for Musicians that they have given in Dublin, Oporto, Rotterdam, Helsinki, and Madrid.

All this Flamenco dissemination experience has been condensed in these Flamenco Video tutorials, an essential material to understand this ART that fascinates, as important as it is unknown to the general public, from a deep, modern and open point of view.


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