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TANGUILLOS – Flamenco Guitar vol. 10 – Manolo Franco


  • USD: 28,2$

  • Flamenco Guitar method dedicated to the TANGUILLOS , both solo/concert guitar discipline, as well as accompaniment to cante
  • Directed by Manuel Salado and interpreted by Manolo Franco
  • Product in STREAMING  (+INFO)

It explains almost all the flamenco guitar techniques, tonalities, compás ( rhythm), and basic chords of the style. Transcriptions are in standar notation and guitar tabs.


`Guitarra Flamenca by Manolo Franco` is a flamenco guitar method that explains almost all the flamenco guitar techniques, tonalities, compás (rhythm), and basic chords of the style. Transcriptions are in standard notation and guitar tabs.

The video teaches techniques and flamenco music for Guitar soloists/concert, and guitar playing as accompaniment to the “cante”, for basic and advanced levels.

This volume is completely dedicated to the TANGUILLOS. The video offers two Soleás complete versions, one for solo guitar, and the other for accompaniment to the cante. The study of the theme includes all falsetas (with the scores on the screen) and technique exercise explanations. In separate images, you will see the right hand and the left hand. At the top of each screen you will see a metronome.

In the case of accompaniment to the cante, the student can also listen to a version of the palo without guitar (so that he is the one who accompanies the singing) and another version without voice (so that he can act as second guitar).

Also there are audios with  the TANGUILLOS base rhythm “solo compás”, with the guitar and percussion at slow, medium and fast speed. And also, only the percussion -without guitar-, also with three speeds, allowing the student to practice with his guitar.

All explanations are in:  Spanish, English, Japanese, French, German and Chinese

The base rhythm “solo compás” audio includes:

Concert Guitar: Full TANGUILLOS theme
Concert Guitar: Study of the full theme by Falsetas with scores on the screen
Concert Guitar: Technique Exercises  explanations (Picado, Rasgueo, Trémolo,Arpegio, Alzapúa, Ritmo)
Accompaniment Guitar: Full TANGUILLOS theme
Accompaniment Guitar: No Voice
Accompaniment Guitar: No Guitar

The audio includes:

Slow TANGUILLOS rhythm with guitar and percussion – slow
Medium TANGUILLOS rhythm with guitar and percussion – medium
Fast TANGUILLOS rhythm with guitar and percussion – fast
Slow TANGUILLOS rhythm with percussion – slow
Medium TANGUILLOS rhythm with percussion -medium
Fast Rhythm of fast TANGUILLOS with percussion – fast


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