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50 falsetas por Soleá (Baisc level) – Yago Santos


  • USD: 32,6$

  • 50 Soléa falsetas for guitarists with basic-level
  • In sheet music and tablature, with all audios of the different falsetas performed by the author.
  • Falsetas suitable for both solo playing and singing accompaniment
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This book contains 50 falsetas in Solea form for guitarists with basic-level, that is, those who are starting in the world of flamenco guitar and who already have some knowledge of the fundamental techniques that constitute the art of flamenco guitar.

In sheet music and tablature, with all audios of the different falsetas performed by the author.

The falsetas contained in this book have been composed in traditional flamenco style, which will help the guitarist to master the solea form through its basic the melodies, phrases and techniques.

The present falsetas are suitable for both solo playing and singing accompaniment, so the guitarist can use them in both contexts. Of course, the first falsetas are perhaps more appropriate as an introduction to the style, and are not intended to be performed on stage.

As the book progresses, the guitarist will find falsetas more suitable for this purpose. The book emphasizes on the basic solea arpeggios, as well as the escobillas, ligados, remates, and thumb phrasings that are characteristic of the genre. Although it is true that more complex falsetas will be presented in future publications, this book is ideal for those guitarists and aficionados who want to create a repertoire with a genuine, flamenco sound.
Through the combination of the different falsetas presented in this book, the guitarist can build a complete basic solea toque. In addition to these techniques, the book also includes tremolo, picado and alzapúa techniques; which are very characteristic of the flamenco guitar.


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